Welcome to Pete Basel’s Not a Blog Page!

Posted December 8, 2009 by petebasel
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Trying out WordPress here …

This is the main page for Pete Basel of Stamford/Trumbull Connecticut, electrical and audio engineer.  I recently wanted to write about my thoughts concerning the new Solid State Hard Drive replacements and thought a blog format with categories or pages might be a good way to do it.  However, I only plan to post when I have some thoughts to share on a particular subject or a project to report on rather than chronologically on a weekly or daily basis.  See the About page here for more about the nature of this site and my interests.

Google site hosting now requires that you use their templates which none of my pages there did; I’m trying this as a new host.

A link to my Linked in page for those interested in my professional background:   Pete Basel on LinkedIn

Pete Basel